Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tomorrow, I will be happy!!!

Procrastination is in! With increased stress and competition, we keep telling ourselves, “Tomorrow I will be happy!”

Right from childhood, we keep telling,

“When I will get good marks in 10th std, I will happy.”

When you get good marks, you start working hard for scoring good in 12th std.

“When I get good marks in 12th std, I get admission in a good undergraduate school. I think, after I finish graduation, I will be happy.”

You finish graduation and get a good job.

“When I will have a family, I will be happy.”

You marry.

“When I will have a better job, more money, I will be happy.”

You get money. You get kids. And you get every luxury in life.

“When I will retire, I will spend my life on a hill station. And then I will be happy!”

You retire and move to a hill station. And then you see what life you lived. And realize that the whole life has passed and you didn’t enjoy the moments thinking that you would enjoy them later and gather all the happiness in life later.
You procrastinated happiness. And so you never got it! You didn’t enjoy the process of life.

Moral of the story is – Live the present moment fully and always be happy.

Many of us strive hard towards our goal. Strive hard. But at the same time enjoy the process too. Success is not achieving the goal. Success is enjoying the process of achieving the goal.

So, say, “I am happy today and I will be always happy.”

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Yesterday, I started reading this book called “Siddhartha” by Herman. It’s a story about a person named Siddhartha, a Brahmin. He also goes through the same turmoil of knowing what is life? How do you attain the stage of enlightenment? The author has beautifully described his thirst, his anxiety for more knowledge… For learning more, he leaves his house and joins the group of Samana. And some where in between he learns that teachings cannot give him what he is searching for. In his pursuit for “that” experience, he wanders from place to place.
Many of us can understand the thirst and insatiability of Siddhartha. We have not gone that far, leaving our house in search of the eternal bliss. The story does give helpful message. So Go and read it instead of leaving your houses!!!:)

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Nothing is either good or bad... Cliche?

Nothing is either good or bad, Thinking makes it so. Though the Shakespearen thought seems to be cliche today, its true!!! All depends on your thinking. Everything is made in thought first. The birth place of all the things is in thought. I am reading the book "The Magic of Believing" by Claude Bristol. Its indeed a great inspiring book. Everything is first created in mind and then in concrete form. If there were no thought, there would be no ideas and so no development and we would have been in the primitive age itself.
The same principle applies to your personal life also. What you think, you are! He has suggested some mind experiments to help positive thinking and use the thinking power to achieve your goals! A MUST read!!!

Monday, October 18, 2004


Yes.... Finally, the enlightened one:) This is what the word Satori means.
Enlightenment!!! The word itself is so enlighting... Gautam Buddha, Mahaveer... and the list continues... the thirst to be the enlightened one, the invisible desire...
I have been thinking on this for quite a while ...i guess years... right when I started understanding this term. And the question lingers... every time I think, every time I breathe. Far from getting enlightened, I have been on the trip to quench my thirst for the meaning of this word - Satori... And I feel, the meaning of life is also hidden somewhere in this word.