Monday, January 17, 2011

ISKCON and Nandi Hills

Last week, we visited ISKCON temple in Bangalore. My memories of the previous visit with my parents were refreshed. I wanted to visit this temple since we shifted to Bangalore. But we were not able to visit it due to some or the other reason. Finally visited the temple and our experience was much worth the time it took to reach the place from our house. It took around an hour to reach – more time since we didn’t know the route. Though we had checked google maps for the route but still we were lost at few turns.

The temple is much the same since 10 years now – few changes in how we reach the main entrance. Otherwise much the same – the satsang was going on when we reached the place. Eva loves going to temples. She was excited and we love her enthusiasm for visiting temples. She is very calm inside the temple and we were able to sing our bit in satsang. Eva enjoys satsangs – sits comfortably which is very rare of her to sit at one place.

Then on our way to exit – the shopping place is all the same since when I don’t know. They haven’t improved here – I think they want to keep it that way deliberately…

This Sunday, we visited Nandi Hills. Took around 1.5 hrs to reach from Indira Nagar to Nandi Hills. We targeted to see the sunset at Nandi Hills. Nandi Hills is huge and we got to see the beautiful sunset. The sky was clear and we got few great pictures of Eva there. Will post them soon. At Nandi Hills, there is a Nandi temple behind the Hotel Mayura Pine top. And another temple at the sunset point. On the way, there are many vineyards.

It was a soulful experience to sit and watch the sun set in the mountains.

And a nice scenic drive too. Well, one thing I liked the most of South India - the nature.. A good green cover and umpteen places to go around.