Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sweeet Memories

I was browsing through my college photo album where I found this photo. And a soft breeze of memories flashed through my mind. This is a 6-7 yrs old photo when I was in college and this was our friends group which we proudly called 'SPARK' :).

Sometimes we cant write everything we feel. And such feelings can just be felt by going through those moments of life. Such moments may not seem important at that instant of life. They may be just other days in life. But you realise their importance only after you get an opportunity to look back and ponder.

To some, this photo will arouse college days memories, to some, total dhamaal and to some those old nights by the sky near the lake.

To me they are just those moments of life which on remembering bring smile on my face and I go out of words to describe my college days. To me they are those moments which I yearn for more and they remind me of moments which are not there in the photo. To me, they are the moments which show how moments change lives and how lives have changed today!

Sweeett Memories.... Hmmm!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Michhami Dukkadam

Today is Kshama divas i.e. khamat khamna or michami dukkadam in jain festival. Many of you might not be knowing it :).
JAINS kaa biggest festival is "Paryushan", 8 days of fasting and limitation of food items u eat and maximum prayers etc
At the end of this , that is the 8th day is called as "Samvatsari" when most of the Jains fast, fasting means not eating anything for whole day and night too :), just on water for 30+ hrs.
And next day is called "Kshmapana Divas" i.e we say Sorry or "Kshama" , for each and each mistake we make for whole year in known or unknown way (Jaane Anjane main) ,to everyone whom we know :)

So Michami dukkadam to all!
(Photo Courtesy: Kaustubh Patwardhan)