Friday, December 31, 2004

Beginning of an End

Every beginning has an end and every end has a new beginning!
The process is a vicious circle or an eternal process!
Is it that there is nothing called beginning or end? Or is that they are the same?
Beginning is an end and an end a beginning?But different beginnings have different ends! Different goals, Different achievements!

But that’s not the way nature works. The different rivers, mountains, trees, animals and so on, end into the nature.
So isn’t it that our goals are a part of one big common goal? And our achievements a part of one common achievement? We come from this nature and end into this very nature?

I wonder if there is anything which doesn’t have an end! That which we don’t know when it started, that which has existed from eternity and which will exist till eternity!I just figured that out!
There is atleast one thing that never ends! That that doesnt have any beginning. Its the end/beginning process. Its a never ending process from eternity to eternity!

End of Beginning

“I came first!”
“No, I arrived first!”
“When I come, you come behind…”
“Without me, you can never come!”
“People get happy when I come!”
“People do hardships for me to come:)”
“People don’t realize my importance!”
“Neither mine:)”
Every beginning has an end.
After every end, there is a new beginning.
Life is beyond end and beginning. And so are goals and achievements.

Thursday, December 16, 2004


Silence in my heart,
Noise in my mind,
Poise on the dart,
Life cannot find.


Like a ray in the dark,
Like a smile in the sorrow,
I try to make a mark,
In the past of tomorrow!