Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Shore

Your glimpse brought cheer
Your glance enthused dream (to be together)
Your nod made me grateful (to GOD)
And Your amity a bit possessive!

You flew away like sand
My fist was still tight
Never to hold you again
I swore that night!

The memories got love
Those dawns unruffled
With the mounting hope
The sun had rose

© Sweta Gupta

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Butterfly - another view:) ... Could not stop myself!

The fly which carries
The butter of your life (happiness).
The fly you run behind
Through the trails
Of success and failure!
So alluring the fly is
That you forget why you run behind!

© Sweta Gupta


Sailing through the blues,
Dreaming in the greens,
What colors mean to the nature,
is the blessing of the divine!

The winters are pink,
The Summers make red,
Rainbow in the spring,
Thus all the time spent!

When the roses are maroon,
And celebrations gold and silver,
I try to quench my thirst,
When the eyes fill the river!

© Sweta Gupta