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Jhalli Thi Jo

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Run in Bali

Would you run alone in a foreign country without mobile, and cash? What if you got lost? Would you risk going alone in a deserted road early morning?

The same questions popped up in my head…

That made this run a little adventurous and memorable.

When planning the Bali trip, I had looked for running tracks in #Bali and I was lucky to get the best track near the place where we would be staying in Bali.

A day before, I had gone to the nearby #Kuta beach walking with @Manish and @Manisha. The plan had been in my mind since the time we were planning in India. I had to run on this track - a beautiful one, near a beach, I thought as I lazed on the beach with the family. Next day would be all sight-seeing as would be every day for coming 8 days. But I could just sneak out early morning when everyone was sleeping and come back in an hour. Jet Lagged? Yes.  But, I was ready to give up sleep for the experience.
So, I got up early morning, and was on the road in my running gear at around 6am. Just carried my mobile with me that had no active SIM, just a working GPS, no cash and no passport. That morning had a bit of adventure in it - to run on a new track, new country, overlooking a beach, and with just me and myself.
When I set out, the road was deserted (hardly 2-3 people), I wasn’t sure if it was safe to go alone, whether it was worth it. Nevertheless, I decided to take the risk.
I reached the start of the beach. I was a little nervous (read new country, no cash, no mobile, and early mornings alone). I asked a person about the track and he showed me the direction. I ran up in that direction. The track was one of the spectacular ones, visited by many runners. When I saw many runners flocking the track, a wave of relief rushed in.
I started the run on the track. After some time, the track narrowed, where I could see a turn, and a beach to the left. This was just out of some movie track - panoramic and serene. All I could see was the calm sea, rushing waves, still sand, flying birds, the vast open light blue sky and I could smell the early morning fresh sea.

I spent some time at the other end of the track, went to the beach area, and then started back. I passed same places, and same narrow turn came and the opposite side view was equally breathtaking.

And I ran, watched people pass by, and as it was written to happen, accidentally I missed my turn and went ahead on the route. I got engrossed watching a group of runners doing their morning workout. They looked to me like a troupe of dancers in black attire doing their morning workout on the beach. They reminded me of my Shiamak days of dance when we worked out more and danced less and yet learnt so much more in just couple of hours week of investment. And I was back to present when I saw a plane take off. I had reached other end of the track...

I had missed the turn.

It was the same place I had come a day before. So, I turned back and walked slowly so that I saw the turn I had to take to the road that led to the resort.

It is fun to be lost and to find yourself again. If you know what I am talking about, you are blessed! And if you have been never lost, may be there is still time.

When I reached back to the room, Manish and Eva were still sleeping.

I felt happy, felt so happy that day.
Simple things, simple experiences...