Monday, September 17, 2007

Michhami Dukkadam

Today is Kshama divas i.e. khamat khamna or michami dukkadam in jain festival. Many of you might not be knowing it :).
JAINS kaa biggest festival is "Paryushan", 8 days of fasting and limitation of food items u eat and maximum prayers etc
At the end of this , that is the 8th day is called as "Samvatsari" when most of the Jains fast, fasting means not eating anything for whole day and night too :), just on water for 30+ hrs.
And next day is called "Kshmapana Divas" i.e we say Sorry or "Kshama" , for each and each mistake we make for whole year in known or unknown way (Jaane Anjane main) ,to everyone whom we know :)

So Michami dukkadam to all!
(Photo Courtesy: Kaustubh Patwardhan)

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Siege Perilous said...

Y'day I got this message from a friend and dint understand it.
Thnx... now I know what this is.

Michami dukkadam :)