Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Shall we Dance?

Yeah.. a post after a long time. I have been busy doing what I love – DANCE.
Here are the photos of my performance at Shiamak's Summer Funk'07.

I joined Shiamak Davar’s Institute (SDIPA – www.shiamak.com) this summer funk in beginners batch. I had lot of fun learning a drop from the ocean of Shiamak’s style of dance. We performed on Rock This Party song.

The fun was doubled when the enrollments for the presentation started in June. I came to know that new SPBs are starting in Pune. For people who don’t know SPB – SPB stands for Special Potential Batch – the students from all the batches from a city are selected based on their dance talent and performance to become a part of this group. I was dying to be a part of SPB – for its workouts and dances and ofcourse the glamour and brand name and the host of opportunities that come when you are a part of SPB. You generally get a call from SDIPA if you get selected in the SPB batch - to tell you to come and sign a contract with SDIPA and then join the batch.
But I never got a call from them. I was very upset until I realized that I had changed my mobile number. So when I saw their ad in the PuneTimes, I called them to find out. I called them and asked to tell me if my name was present in the SPB list. She didn’t have the list handy. So she told me to call back in 5 minutes.
In few minutes, she called me back to tell me that I was selected :). I could not believe I was really selected. I was jumping with happiness!
The next day I went to the SDIPA office, collected the contract and then I was there on the first day of my dance journey in SPB batch.

Since then, I have been busy 3 days a week with rigorous workout and dance. Coming Tuesday, we have the presentation. Lets hope Shiamak comes to see our performance! Will post the pictures soooooooon!


sonia gulrajani said...

Hi Sweta,

Awesome pics and hearty congratrs for making it to SPB :) I am sure it must be good fun.

Hope to see your main performance pics and videos soon. Take care


Anup said...

hey sweta ....

good pics .. hmm mere jaise dance karna sikh rahi ho!!!! :))) .. good good ... keep it up!!! :))

so this time when I come back ... shall we dance?!! :) (MAnish manre wala hai muzhe!! )

Take Care

Anonymous said...

hey sweta
i just had my presentation show 2 days back.i came to know about spb.
i too wanna be a part of it..in how many days do u get the call..i mean incase ur selected.coz i am realy keen on being a part of it.pls lemme know.u can contact me at trineta_bhojwani@hotmail.com.Please help me out.thanx.bye.trineta

Anonymous said...

hey cool..I wanted too..but I did'nt get select:(..will try out in winter funk:) coz' I checked out them and discovered I may BE CAPABLE..