Thursday, October 28, 2004

Tomorrow, I will be happy!!!

Procrastination is in! With increased stress and competition, we keep telling ourselves, “Tomorrow I will be happy!”

Right from childhood, we keep telling,

“When I will get good marks in 10th std, I will happy.”

When you get good marks, you start working hard for scoring good in 12th std.

“When I get good marks in 12th std, I get admission in a good undergraduate school. I think, after I finish graduation, I will be happy.”

You finish graduation and get a good job.

“When I will have a family, I will be happy.”

You marry.

“When I will have a better job, more money, I will be happy.”

You get money. You get kids. And you get every luxury in life.

“When I will retire, I will spend my life on a hill station. And then I will be happy!”

You retire and move to a hill station. And then you see what life you lived. And realize that the whole life has passed and you didn’t enjoy the moments thinking that you would enjoy them later and gather all the happiness in life later.
You procrastinated happiness. And so you never got it! You didn’t enjoy the process of life.

Moral of the story is – Live the present moment fully and always be happy.

Many of us strive hard towards our goal. Strive hard. But at the same time enjoy the process too. Success is not achieving the goal. Success is enjoying the process of achieving the goal.

So, say, “I am happy today and I will be always happy.”


The Shaolin said...

“I am happy today and I will be always happy.”
This *IS* the line! And it ONLY corroborates my belief:
"You are, what you think you are!!! Nothing more nothing less!!!"

KaU said...

I think, happiness and sorrow are siblings, in literal sense. They are generated by the same parent, which is "Attachment". As like what Gita says, and so does Karma Yoga, don't be attached with what you do. Work Incessantly, but don't be attached with it. This will keep you away from the thought of its results.
I wonder if "saying" (or "calling") yourself as "happy" will keep its "sibling" i.e. sorrow away from your life!

Siddhartha said...

We have lots of material needs and social obligations that makes us unhappy.
Only way to achieve happiness is try to achieve what you wanna be and not what people around you want you to be.
I believe in just one thing, 'Act well your part there all the honor lies'.

Siddhartha said...
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PRabhat said...

I have read several of your posting, mostly got directed from AtulT's blog. And, everytime, I see a mind blossing towards the SATORI state. I am very much impressed with the experiential richness of the thoughts.

Its really nice to see some one soo young marching towards the supreme goal.

Best Wishes,


MASTER Explains:

"Desire means something is lacking in the present moment and it means making a promise to the self that sometime in future that object/event will be acquired. And, in future. that will make one happy."

Disclaimer: I am quite incapable to convey this supreme knowledge properly. All the mistakes in putting it in the words are genuinely mine.