Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Yesterday, I started reading this book called “Siddhartha” by Herman. It’s a story about a person named Siddhartha, a Brahmin. He also goes through the same turmoil of knowing what is life? How do you attain the stage of enlightenment? The author has beautifully described his thirst, his anxiety for more knowledge… For learning more, he leaves his house and joins the group of Samana. And some where in between he learns that teachings cannot give him what he is searching for. In his pursuit for “that” experience, he wanders from place to place.
Many of us can understand the thirst and insatiability of Siddhartha. We have not gone that far, leaving our house in search of the eternal bliss. The story does give helpful message. So Go and read it instead of leaving your houses!!!:)

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The Shaolin said...

And you know the irony ...
Those who have *desire* for enlightenment never reach it! It's only when one has ABSOLUTELY NO desire for anything (including enlightenment) does he attain it. For the very basic premise of enlightenment is possessing no desires. And this is very well portrayed in the Siddhartha, you will observe that only when he has no desire of any kind left does he get enlightened!