Monday, October 18, 2004


Yes.... Finally, the enlightened one:) This is what the word Satori means.
Enlightenment!!! The word itself is so enlighting... Gautam Buddha, Mahaveer... and the list continues... the thirst to be the enlightened one, the invisible desire...
I have been thinking on this for quite a while ...i guess years... right when I started understanding this term. And the question lingers... every time I think, every time I breathe. Far from getting enlightened, I have been on the trip to quench my thirst for the meaning of this word - Satori... And I feel, the meaning of life is also hidden somewhere in this word.

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The Shaolin said...

So the *enlightened* one (or at least the seeker of the enlightenment) has started blogging!!! Welcome to the world of blogs! Looking ahead to read some great posts from you.