Saturday, October 19, 2013

You are right !

You can do it or you cannot do it - whatever you think about yourself - you are always right.
You are what think about you.

 I am made by my own thoughts.  My life is the manifestation of my thoughts.  Each of us is a magician.  I have the power to change my life. Nobody else can do it for me. Its only me  who can do it.

I can get the guidance but its upto me to follow it. In school , everybody gets d same education - same books - how come some score well n some dont ?
Its me who decides to listen to whom - its me who decides to follow whom - thats what makes all d difference.  Its me who decides what I am capable of and hence what I deserve. I am capable of being at the top and I deserve to be at the top.
Your circle of influence is equally important and how encouraging and supporting they are. Not all would want to see you at the  top - except your Mom.
"How dare you think you are superior than us?"

"How dare you think you can reach d top ? "

Sometimes its ur inner voice - sometimes  your friends - all afraid of failure. ..

ghar se nikale bina kabhi cycle chalana  sikha hai bhai ?

I remember the days when I was in 12th std - preparing for exams - the result  were to decide my fate. I came from a super orthodox family. " how dare o think I can go for higher studies ? "

"How can you dream of going outside the town to study - you are a female.  You will not be allowed. Just be happy u r being allowed to study atleast.
Even if my parents wanted, we were a part of joint family where they hardly had a say.
I had just 1 option - score so high that they cannot deny me my destiny - score so high that money is not the hurdle for me and I get a free seat. My parents supported me in all possible ways. They had d belief because I had it in me.

I remember those days - one day that gave me the success mantra.
I used to go for English tutions. There was another professor who used to give Maths tutions.  I was not taking Maths tutions from him. But he used to test me if there was time to start for English class.  He said - everybody is preparing so well. All are giving their best. Why do you think you are better than them ?
Most of these aspiring students are putting 95% efforts. If you want to be at the top , you have to put 5% more efforts than them. That 5% over and above 95% makes all the difference.  If tou are putting same efforts like them, do not expect better results than them. To be at extraordinary place, you have to put extraordinary efforts. However intelligent you are, if your efforts are less, you are not going to the top. There is no shortcut to success.

I made this as my Mantra for Life - if I have to be at the top , I have to give my 100% efforts. Rest I leave to HIM.

It was no wonder that I got 100% in 12th in Physics, Chemistry n Mathematics - it was a proof that I had put 100% hard work, n  dedication. I was so focused on my goal that I turned blind n deaf to everything else. Didn't even hear to what my body was telling me - I met with accident and had lot of hurdles but that hardly bothered me. My parents My Mom took so much care that I had never to bother abt anything else.

I am following the same Mantra today ...
I am capable of reaching there and I deserve to be there.

I am right ...


Ajay Pimpalshende said...

Superb piece of writing Sweta...Straight from Heart :)

Sweta said...

Thanks Ajay. Absolutely from the heart. I was in tears when I wrote it!

Sweta said...

Everytime I read, I absolutely feel what hardships I have gone through to get to where I am today!

neha agarwal said...

Very thought provoking

sudesh said...

Truly inspirational.

sudesh said...

Truly Inspirational.

Sweta said...

Thanks all for the comments. Sudesh Thanks. Thanks Neha.

Ashutosh Gupta said...

Hi Di...Nice piece!!!

yes so true that we have to give 5% extra than those who are already trying for 95%. Sometime we work hard but as soon as those things are happening actually we get back fearing if we fail.

In childhood we use to get your examples for studies n See now we all brother n sisters are somewhere around the different parts of our country doing there best.


Anuradha said...

Very well written and inspiring, Sweta. One needs to be strong willed and stay motivated to put in the additional efforts and shine through the hardships. Keep going!!