Monday, July 22, 2013

Finding Myself (Your Questions Answered)

Many friends have called, commented and come back to me asking  what did I do or what have I found  or how I have found in "Blessed to have found myself". Sudesh asked if I have found my inner purpose of life. According to him, the outer purpose keeps changing.

Consider outer purpose as baby steps towards your inner purpose of life. If my inner purpose is known to me, my outer purposes will be aligned to reach my inner purpose. Very true that my inner purpose is constant throughout my life. Outer purposes will keep changing since I achieve them one by one, climbing the ladder to my inner purpose.

However consider that I didnt know my inner purpose of life  - then I will keep wandering throughout - thats why the questions of my existence, my purpose will keep coming back to me every now and then - I will not get that well-being feeling from within - since I dont know where I am heading to - what is it that I REALLY want in my life ? I have been there - that feeling made me very uncomfortable inspite of being excellent in whatever I had been doing - BECAUSE I didnt know if I was on the right track.

Inner purpose of life cannot be determined by others - it cannot be found by asking others whats yours ? But knowing other's inner purpose might give me some idea. But still I will not know my inner purpose until I am in that zone - that SEEKING Zone  - that UNCOMFORTABLE zone. If I am not even seeking or looking for it - the answers might be infront of me - but I will not see them. Its that SIMPLE!

Inner purpose - I call it the 'click' moment - that moment when something clicked my mind and heart - its that moment of life when everything else seems immaterial  - when something happens and the furniture in my mind gets shifted. Then I am ready to take any risks in life, Then I am open to trying things (legal and ethical) that I had never done before  - my Inner purpose  - the ultimate goal of life becomes larger than my life itself!

All may not have same inner goals but they may be inter-related. Then their outer goals also become become similar. Important is are you looking for your inner goal? IF you have found it, are your outer goals aligned towards your inner goals?

Yes, I have found my inner goal  and now I am aligning my outer goals for my inner purpose!

So, thankful to my destiny, to God for enlightening me, my mentors for showing me the path, my parents for making me capable enough to follow my heart and my sweetheart for always being there for me and supporting me in every single way!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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