Sunday, November 30, 2008

Fight terrorism

Do we ever think why terrorism has always been the issue unresolved? Why, inspite of we being the "common man" in majority, those handful terrorize so effortlessly.. What is it that we lack and they have - that makes each one of them cost us our thousand men.

Though we are diverse countries - with different strengths in terms of population, skills, economy and security measures, but terror still manages to rise its ugly head everywhere. Its not bound by any country, race or religion.

Whatever be the motive behind these attacks - politics (elections coming close), money (turn the share market) or pleasure, one thing is sure - they are so prepared, intelligent, coordinated, motivated, dedicated, disciplined, trained, educated, skilled. I must say that they are so talented, but all they are doing for their good and what they feel is right. Right - which is wrong for the rest of the world.

Only way to fight them back is to be like them - vigilant - always alert with your surroundings. Talk to people, be alert about people around you - your neighbors.

(incomplete.. to follow)

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