Tuesday, October 10, 2006

To be or Not to be

Its so many times there is a fight between our own selves. We cannot decide what is right for ourself – when all options seem to be correct. It’s like opening one of the doors from many doors and walking into it – uncertain of the path ahead. I have composed this poem on such moments in life.

‘Will you take me to the open sky
Where I am free to gaze around
Walk on the lands lush green
And smell every flower?’

‘Yes Mam, we will lead you to the blues
Where with flowers you can play
And enjoy the nature’
Chorused all the doors.

Selection became easier indeed
All doors give me the same blue sky!
Then a painful doubt struck
Why the hell they are here?

Seeing me perplexed,
Exclaimed the yellow one
Like the various rivers small
We empty to the ocean!

Ahh… the sky is at the end
Will have to walk there down
Different paths they may have
Through the forests and towns.

©Sweta Gupta


lokesh said...

Did you write it? Its good!

Sweta Samota said...

Most of the poems on my blog are composed by me! Thanks for comment.