Monday, April 10, 2006

My Bday

It was my birthday. Manish decided to give me a surprise by calling all our friends for a party. It was a great evening. All friends around. Its such a nice thing to have all close friends around you. It was indeed one of the best momemts. I realised that day that the best gift one can give oneself is a friend. I missed other friends who were unable to join me due to some or the other reason. Here are the few pics -

Manish unwrapped the much awaited large cake box. The cake was amazing - very beautiful flowers carved on it - it was a flower basket. It was as tasty as it was beautiful.
Before ki sab toot padte cake par, I cut the cake!

We had dinner at Banjara Hills. During the celebration, Deepak in between lost memory and started considering Mubin as Supriya. As usual, everybody was pulling each other's leg. College memories were afresh - where everybody would wait for an opportunity and then there would be a splash of laughter!

After dinner, we decided to go to Sujata Mastani for a coool Mastani. Few friends parted to their home and other came to Sujata @ Kothrud.

Here, Gadkari and Baba shared the mastaani like anyother couple does:).

Gawai became Paresh Rawal from Hera Pheri.


Arz000n said...

Belated B'day wishs to you lady!!!

Sujata its been a pretty long time...havent been there...

Anyway, came via orkut...nice blog :)

Mubin said...

Thats was really a wonderful day.

Mubin said...

A very woonderful evening it has been in long time.

Kiran Telangi said...

Belated happy birthday. Keep Blogging.

Anonymous said...


Belated B'day wishes...