Thursday, March 02, 2006


Finding a pearl in sea
Finding gold in a mine
Finding the greatest invention
To write about life is more difficult.
Life intrigues me so much
It confuses, it affirms me
It muses, it concerns me
At times it works, other it fails.

Like a toddler
I can go on and on
Singing about life
When the life has just begun.
I never thought I will write
And Speak my mind
Enjoy the thoughts
That had always bothered.
And make others nod
That they too had faced.
They never faced life,
Only searched through it
For treasures and wealth.

Like a river I flow
Through the plains and curves
For “that” reason in life
Unaware of Life is Flow
Unaware of Life in Flow.
When I meet the ocean
It strikes, oh! This was life.
But nonetheless, I pour
Rush into the sea
For I had realized, life is also to give.
© Sweta Gupta


Anonymous said...

hi sweta....nice poems yar

Mukta A said...

nice poem, sweta!