Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I saw the movie Kaal last weekend. I liked the movie as a whole... The script is well written, the direction is good (at times SLOW)and the message(it does have a social message:)) are the scoring points of the movie. I liked the message of the movie - DONT break rules! Well, this is not the message actually:) the message is - Conserve Nature - Animals! :) But i liked the former message!

After watching the movie(Read on if you have watched the movie, else skip:)), i happened to visit my sister in Cummins Girls hostel along with my relatives(who had come to Pune the first time). My relatives (My uncle and two cousins)wanted to see the campus of the Cummins engineering college, Pune. So we went with her to gate. Being a girl's college, males are not allowed inside without permission from the security.

My sister: "I will ask the guard for getting inside the college!"

She went to the security guard.
My sister: "These are my relatives and they want to see the campus. Can I take them inside? "

The guard just nodded. He didnt even care to look who the visitors were. He had a routinely look on his face. Many visitors coming everyday, ehh!

I got irritated of the ridiculous rule for seeking permission to see the campus too and uttered!

Myself: "She gives too much attention to the rules. aane ka aur andar jaane ka!"

Then, i remembered Kaal... i had spoken against the rule! and got that scary feeling inside.

We went inside the college and my sister started showing the college...

My sister: "This is the engineering college. And that is the architecture college"

We went inside the engineering college.
Pointing on the third floor,
My sister: "We have the library there on the third floor."

And the description continued.

I had been to the college a couple of times. So I didnt bother to listen to the whereabouts and the history of college. I was sitting in the visitor's lobby.

When they finished looking around, they came back. I wanted to go to the loo.

Myself: "Anybody else want to go to loo?"

Nobody wanted to!

I approached the Ladies Toilet.

Lo! What I see in the corridor near the toilet. A jet black cat.
I got afraid by looking at it.
I murmerred: "How come I see the cat here again after seeing it in the movie!"

Now, I didnt want to visit the loo. But couldnt help the nature's call.

I went inside. The toilet was desserted. Nobody inside and no tube light. It was getting darker at around 6 in the evening. I hurried up and came out. I was happy that i came alive outside:). after seeing the black cat and uttering the words against the rules, i was damn sure that the judge will charge me and declare guilty.

Coming out of the toilet, I again looked at the place where I had seen the cat. It was not there. The thought that it must be an illusion ran in my mind.
I said to my sister,

Myself: "Do you have a black cat in your college?"
My sister: "No, I havent seen any in the college campus!"

All were laughing at me - I getting so tensed and scared and my tendency of relating daily chores with the fiction I had seen a few hours back!

I was again horrified by the thought that I might be getting illusions of the cat.

Then to add to my horror, my uncle told a fact -
Uncle: Today is Saturday! And we saw Kaal today.

(In hindu mythology, saturday is supposed to represent Shani, the black.)
And all broke into laughter. But a fear was growing in my heart.

When we started heading back, everybody saw the black cat... and all of them were looking at me... And I smiled...


Siege Perilous said...

It may be fearful to u ..
but hillarious while reading... well written !!

Amit Parmar said...

u liked Kaal? It sucked big time! A movie with so many errors - the guy having the camera all the time is looking at the LCD screen and cant see that Ajay Devgan isnt there!
For me, it was a waste of 150 bucks.