Monday, September 13, 2010

2D 1N visit to Kabini

Kabini (Rajiv Gandhi National Park) had been on our travel list from quite some time. We had great memories of Corbett. And we wished to have similar ones from Kabini.
We found that Jungle Lodges and Resorts have their resort there and they have a very good reputation. So we booked a room online. It was a long weekend. So thought we would go for 3days and 2 nights. But found online that no room was available. Then we decided to go for whatever was available since we didnt want to miss the opportunity to visit the national park. So, we were going for a 1 night stay there. It included 2 safaris, a coracle ride and all other regular stuff.
Hectic schedule, and we were looking forward to this trip to unwind ourselves.

We decided to go by the route suggested by teamBhp on their website. i.e. Bangalore - Ramanagar - Maddur - Mandya - Mysore (Outer Ring Road - dont enter city) - H.D Kote road - Kabini. Its around 240km from our place in Bangalore.

We left at 7 am sharp from our place in Bangalore and we reached Maddur at around 9 am. Had breakfast at Barrista (I will NOT recommend it. Have at Adigas or Kamat Indradhanush or CCD). And then reached Kabini at 12:45 pm. The JLR Kabini River resort is a great property - huge one with lot of trees, well maintained gardens and the best part the FOOD is sumptuous and simple. I loved the food there. Their boats and jeeps are well maintained. Ok, come to the safari part - Always opt for a river safari in the evening and jeep safari in the morning times. Both were equally enjoyable. On the river safari, we saw lot of birds - migratory birds. My favorite is Bremini Kite from the Eagle family. Just loved it and it got etched in my heart.
Others were diff storks - painted, white and all, grey and white herons and more (dont remem their names).
Manish has shot many videos. Will upload them soon. We saw deers, sambar, wild boars and peacocks by the river. The weather was pleasant and the picture was breathtaking. Eva also enjoyed the safari.
Then after the safari, we were back to the resort. Had tea and rested in the room. Then went for the wild-life film at the conference room in the resort. I was with Eva while Manish watched the film shot on wildlife  at Kabini and Bandipur. Then headed to the Gol Ghar for Dinner. Yummy :)

Early morning at 6am, we got the knock from JLR crew to take coffee and get ready for the safari. We got ready and the jeep was there at 6.30 am. Started... Hoping to see the wildest of wild animals :) ... Last week, only elephants , gaur (indian bison) and wild dogs were sighted.
After entering the forest, the first animal we sighted was.... yes, cudnt believe our luck .... we sighted the beautiful animal sleeping on the tree... his stomach looked filled.. It was from the cat family - the LEOPARD.
What a start I thought. We all were filled with lot of happiness and enthusiasm. Lot of photos.. videos.. and yes, the leopard got up in between, stretched and then slept back :).

Then we saw many deers, sambars, peacocks, eagles, wood peckers, kingfisher. Twice we saw herds of elephants and more than once saw 1-2 elephants. Both the herds, the elephants were quite charging. Once, when we reached in front of them, the tusker blew huge trumpet - I was scared... But, it didnt react more.
Second time, where we halted, the elephant was at just around 10 ft distance - having food. It then came sheepily came close to us - almost attacking. The video of the second halt is shot  - a charmm... I will upload it soon.

Returning we saw the bison with its calf. And yes, the leopard was still on the tree.. sleeeeping...

Back then, had a filling breakfast at 10am and then went to the room. Got ready and bought some T-shirts for Eva from their centre. And then left back to Blore at around 12 pm. Reached here by 4.45pm. This time we had our lunch at Adigas in Maddur. Food was decent. I will recommend it.

All in all, a memorable trip.... :) want more and more :)

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