Thursday, October 11, 2007

Are you alive?

Think again. Most of us are dead. Not in terms of breath but in terms of life. What kind of life are you living today? Every week day you get up (after watching late night TV shows) and start rushing to get to office quickly. You work in the day time from 11 am to 8 pm and sometimes even till midnight. Then you get back to home to sleep. And the routine continues. At weekends you hang out with friends, relatives, celebrate and then back to square one on Monday. These days, everything depends on the fixed number of leaves you get at work. If your parents want to spend time with you, you either have an evening call with the client or your leaves account is in negative. Your elder relatives are not keeping well. Or just that they want to spend their time with you in those last days of their life. But you don’t have the time to spare. You cant miss your office. You don’t want that cut in your salary. How selfish have we become! Our life is not just ours. And even if its ours, how are we spending it? Infront of that dead box! (Ohh no! Sorry if I have hurt you…) We are no less than that dead box today. Or are we!

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The Shaolin said...

These are the times when the lines by Great Great Acharya Mahapragyaji comes to me:
Today's education, though otherwise useful, is in fact inadequate. It equips the individual to earn his livelihood but not in the art of living.
And don't have even slightest of doubt of how succinct statement!
We are in, what I would term as, Rat Race: all trying to win the race. But we forget that even if we win the race, we still are a rat!!!