Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Friend!

Birthday! The word itself fills mood of celebration in the air. One more year added to your age:)! One more year completed and many more to come! Birthday reminds me of ..hmmmmm the day of birth ofcourse:) Well, not just that. Your birth means so much to people who welcome you as a member of family, a share-holder of their experiences, a companion in the journey of life. And so the celebration!:)

It was my birthday last week. It was like other days with a difference. Attending calls from parents, relatives and friends. Now that everybody is busy and far, mobile is the thing you spend your birthday with:).

Few of my friends had forgotten my birth date I thought! So I tried to remind them on gTalk and YM!.

Sweta: Hey Atul, Have you forgotten anything??

Atul seemed busy and so the reply took time. He tried to recall but he seemed to have no time to think that he really had forgotten my day:(. Then I tried to contact Archana. But she was not online. Contacting Manisha also was of no use since she was in a meeting. World seemed to be ignorant towards me:(. On that day, Manisha called me on my cell - but she forgot to wish me. There were other friends as well who forgot to wish me. I had planned to leave a little early and spend my evening peacefully at home watching TV or reading or writing some good articles.

It was 5.30 and I was in the lab doing my work. Then Shailendra (another friend at Work) came to lab informing that somebody is waiting for me at the reception. Manish had informed me that he was coming to pick me up. So, time to go home and relax! I went to the reception to ask him to wait for 5 minutes while I pack my bag. When I reached the reception, what I see! I was overwhelmed, and overjoyed to see! My friends singing "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!" They had got balloons, a lovely cake and a beautiful card. I was very happy to see Atul, Archana, Manisha, Mayuri, Gaurav and Manish:). Shrirang unfortunately could not make it. He was suffering from ChickenPox. Seems like he forgot to take the vaccine:(.

I cut the delicious cake (I feel like eating it forever!) and read out the card and gift wishes. Friends make you feel so special:). I liked their way of giving me a surprise. I had been inviting them to come to see me @ work since a long time. A day before, I had expressed my gut feeling with Manish that they might come to see me the next day - on my birthday. Manish also didnt give me a hint that they had planned anything. To add to it, in the noon, he was asking me if any of them had wished me. But, its true - All's well that ends well.

We all had a chat in the pantry and then they all rushed back to their office to work. And I left for home with Manish. Then Manish gave me a treat at YANA's.

It was a good day - a little emotion, a little suspense and lot of love.

Birthday is just a means to show your friend/relative/parents i.e. all people for whom you care that you care. But thats not the only means. What if you forget to wish! What if it just slips your mind! The relationship still remains. I wish all my friends and readers a very belated / in advance happy birthday. Yes, timing makes all the difference. But woh kehte hain naa - Der aaye durust aaye ... yaa fir ... better late than never:)

Take care and keep reading!

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