Thursday, April 28, 2005


Lately I had been thinking about what to write. It is very difficult to put your thoughts in words until you start writing.:)

Well, my search for *the goal* continues… and so is yours! And that’s why I find you here… blog after blog… word after word… time after time.

All of us are in search of *this goal* for which we think we are born. And the question has completed its revolution around the earth and has come back to me – where… when… and how! I need not explain what for the three questions are. People who have been facing it would understand and those havent reached here yet, bookmark this blog so that you can backtrace here later in life.:)

Recently I saw the movie Robots, I liked this statement a lot –

“if you wont follow your heart today, it will haunt you the rest of your life!” told to Rodney by his father when he loses his hope and wants to come back to home!

And I saw the same conviction in my eyes! To chase our where… when… and how….

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