Thursday, March 10, 2005

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"There is nothing that we cannot paint for you!
Contact 9800115554 "

I glanced at the billboard. And my ears heard me saying, “Is there anything that cannot be painted?”
And at the next “Hurry up! I have to rush to work…” I had to suspend the first.

And the thought kept running at the back of my mind through out the day. As usual, I left office by 7 pm. Back at home, I cooked food, fed my kids including my hubby and went to sleep.

Back in the morning at the same signal, I saw the same ad. And a series of pictures flashed – flowers, fields, mountains, sky, animals, forest, industries, roads …
“What is it that cannot be painted?”And I found myself still in the crowd. “Let’s move. I will get back to it later.”

During the day, the thought lingered and kept annoying me.
The next day being a Sunday, I thought of visiting the person/company. I called at the given number and asked if I could meet them. I was scheduled to meet them the next day at 1’o clock in the afternoon.I started preparing for the meet tomorrow.

I collected quite a few topics to be discussed for the next day. I was quite confident that the exercises were tough. But was not sure if they could be actually painted.

I met the artist the next day. We had a long session on my first exercise itself and he accepted to paint the description given a period of one month.

One month later.

I was thrilled at the thought of seeing my thoughts in picture. I hurried to the venue.

When I reached, the artist showed me his work. He had accomplished his work!

I could see a submission of self in a protest. I could measure the unfathomable human ability (in the artist and his imagination). I could sense that there is nothing one cannot do!


ManJo said...

Mmmm...Ok I just happened to bang at your Enlightment... For leser mortals like me, could yu explain what sense the picture makes ? (Or is it a humor or something that i have missed completely..)

Sweta Samota said...

you missed the message in the story! read again! or i missed to convey it welll!!!:(